About Us

An Old Dog Can Learn New Ways!

Hi guys, my name is Pete, a parent to two adorable daughters and Scruffy, our beloved German Shepherd.

Unlike many dog parents I meet in the park or at the airport, we didn’t bring Scruffy home as a newborn, he came to us at three months. I can still see that happy, teary eyes on my kids’ faces – nothing much would make them that happier.

But, there was one problem – amid the excitement and the fact that we now had a dog (my kids has begged me for months!), this dog has not been trained. While my kids were ready to help, the truth dawned on us when he soiled the rugs, and we knew that the actual work has just begun.

And boy! Isn’t housebreaking the toughest thing ever!

Fortunately for us, training was not as hard as we’d pictured (thank GSDs for their intelligence) and within weeks, Scruffy was potty trained, crate trained, and he understood and obeyed all the basic command. Today, Scruffy knows an impressive number of tricks, he’s as protective of our family, as ever, and we joke in our house that we’re living in the happy-ever-after season, where the dog is involved.

Why am I sharing this?

Well, things might have worked out for us, eventually, but we know that most of the dog parents around us don’t have things that easy. From the stories we’ve heard, we like to think that our struggles were not as bad, which is why we wish to ease the process for you guys by offering guidance on everything dogs.

If you’re looking for help and practical tips on dog training, dog issues, and caring for dogs, you are in the right place.

Thanks to our experiences and loads of research, as well as professional advice from our vet, we believe that we have what it takes to guide every dog owner to raise a well-rounded and healthy dog that brings them nothing but immense joy and happiness. We might not have all the answers, but the knowledge we share should offer insights into some of the things you should do and the things you should not do when it comes to bringing up a healthy pooch.

We focus on raising dogs well, dog training, and even how to deal with common dog issues.

Dog training – every dog parent needs to know that the only way for you to raise a happy dog is through housebreaking training. Don’t assume that your dog knows not to go on the rug because it doesn’t. Here, we offer practical tips on potty training and crate training. You will also learn how to teach your pooch simple commands like Sit, Stand, Come, etc.

For most new dog parent, crate training is a sensitive topic. We will allay your fears and show you just how important crate training is.

How to raise your pooch – there are numerous elements to raising a dog, and most of the important things get smudged up when you collect information from unreliable sources. You don’t have to worry about all this. You only need to know that you have the correct information about your dog’s breed and the right diet and exercise regimen it needs. We’ll also focus on the mental exercises for dogs and the best foods for different dog breeds (puppies and adults).

How to deal with common dog issues – depending on your dog’s breed, your pooch might have genetic predispositions to illnesses/ conditions such as the antibiotic resistant gene for a fatal illness, hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia or allergies. We’ll help you understand what to expect and what to do to enhance your dog’s quality of life.

At PawPractice, we know that dogs are man’s best friend, but that friendship will only grow if the dog is taken care of. There are paw practices that need to be implemented for a happy, healthy dog. We’ll help you do the right thing for your pooch!