Best puppy food for Great Danes

Congrats on getting yourself the “world’s largest lapdog”; the Great Dane’s gentle, sweet nature and loving temperament earned them that nickname.

They’re considered a giant dog breed, and despite their imposing size, they’re very friendly giants with unique nutritional needs.

Giant dog breeds have a rather short life expectancy ranging between seven and ten years, so it’s important you get the best puppy food for Great Danes to keep them healthy.

Great Danes are known to grow to an average standing height of 44 inches and weigh anywhere between 110 to 175 lbs. when fully grown.

Zeus, a Great Dane, was named by the Guinness Book of World Records as the “world’s tallest dog” being 44” tall for two consecutive years, i.e., 2012/13 before passing on the next year at five years of age.

You Great Dane puppy’s nutritional needs vary depending on what stage of life she is in, her size and how active she is.

It’s important you choose the right amount and blend of proteins, carbs, vitamins, minerals, and dietary to reduce her risk of developing musculoskeletal conditions which large breeds are especially prone to.

So to help you raise that adorable, gentle giant of yours into a healthy canine companion, we picked out the best puppy food for Great Danes.

We’ve reviewed 10 puppy foods for great danes but here are our top 4:

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Best puppy food for Great Danes

Nutro Wholesome Essential Large Breed Puppy Pasture

Our first Great Dane puppy food comes from Nutro Wholesome; a pet food brand that’s been in business close to a century and has constantly redefined high-quality pet nutrition.

Great Dane puppy requires a diet that’s rich in healthy proteins and fats. Nutro Wholesome Essential Large Breed best puppy food for great Danes does a great job of providing that in a nutritionally balanced and easily digestible formulation.

Its rich protein content comes from the finest New Zealand and Australian whole brown rice and lamb.

Nutro wholesome was designed to be a wholesome everyday diet giving your Great Dane puppy the right blend of vitamins, proteins, minerals, and fats to support balanced growth.

Nutro wholesome’s formulation also contains naturally acquired chondroitin and glucosamine, which are great for promoting musculoskeletal development by helping your Great Dane puppy develop strong and robust joints and healthy cartilage.

It’s savory, real farm-raised Australasian lamb fuels the growth and development of your Dane puppy’s muscle by providing an optimal amino acid profile.

Aside from boosting a healthy metabolism, it’s dietary fiber content helps nourish and promote healthy digestion.

Nutro wholesome was formulated by a team of veterinarians and pet nutritionists to be suitable for a variety of health conditions and life stages using only naturally sourced ingredients.

With no additives, preservatives or artificial flavoring, Nutro wholesome earns our top spot as one of the best puppy foods for great Danes.

What we liked

  • A healthy dose of glucosamine and chondroitin
  • 100% real deboned Australasian lamb protein
  • Dietary fiber sourced from oatmeal and brown rice
  • 100% natural; no preservatives, flavor or additives


Rachael Ray Nutrish Natural Wet Dog Food

Our next best puppy food for great Danes is a wet dog food option to give your puppy some variety from the all too familiar dry dog food.

Rachael Ray provides a superbly formulated from simple ingredients such as wholesome veggies and tender meat inspired by Rachael’s kitchen.

Rachael Ray Nutrish natural wet dog food doesn’t contain any soy, wheat, corn or artificial flavoring or fillers of any kind.

Rachael Ray’s best puppy food for great Danes was formulated using naturally sourced ingredients to provide the perfect blend of nutrients for a healthy pup.

Rachael Ray’s Nutrish extra rich protein comes from carefully selected whitefish, salmon, and chicken that are mixed with essential minerals, vitamins, wholesome veggie, and taurine.

All these ingredients are packed in a variety of tasty flavor your great Dane puppy will enjoy.

From the rustic duck stew made from a mix of duck, brown rice, carrots and green beans to the tasty lamb stew containing a blend of spinach, carrots, and tender lamb morsels to the chicken paw pie made from hearty chicken, sweet potatoes and chicken broth.

The variety of pack options combined with the different flavors make Rachael Ray’s Nutrish wet dog food one of the best puppy foods for Great Danes.

What’ more, aside from keeping your Great Dane healthy, Rachael Ray also donates a portion of the revenue from each purchase to The Rachael Ray Foundation for animal care.

What we liked

  • No artificial preservatives or flavors
  • No chicken meal or fillers and is wheat and gluten-free
  • A small percentage of the profits are donated to charity
  • Variety of tasty flavors


Eagle Pack Natural Dry Dog Food

Eagle pack natural dry dog food is best described by two words; balanced and complete. It’s a delicious and completely natural puppy formulation designed to be used daily for a healthy and strong great Dane.

By delivering the precise balance of fats, carbs, omega fatty acids, proteins and antioxidants, Eagle pack stands out from the rest of the best puppy food for Great Danes.

It’s an innovative formulation specially made in the USA for large dog breeds.

It’s a perfectly safe formulation for your Great Dane that doesn’t contain in wheat, meat meals, corn or any artificial flavoring, coloring or preservatives.

Eagle Pack helps you spend more time with your gentle fur ball giant instead of constantly running to the store to for more dog food.

Eagle pack’s formulation contains dual animal proteins to provide a rich source of amino acids to develop and maintain muscles sourced from chicken meals and lamb.

It also features an optimum amount of minerals and calories to support your Great Dane’s balanced growth.

To promote proper cognitive and vision development, Eagle pack added a healthy dose of DHA – a fatty acid commonly found in maternal milk.

Eagle pack’s best puppy food for great Danes was developed with an optimum calorie profile to give your Great Dane a shinier coat, healthy digestion, brighter eyes, and overall energetic spirit to keep up with your adventures.

What we liked

  • A healthy dose of DHA to promote vision and cognitive development
  • Dual animal protein sources: lamb and chicken meal
  • No artificial coloring, preservatives or flavoring


Hill’s Science Diet Dry Dog Food

Hill’s science diet best puppy food for Great Danes was made in an American kitchen by a team of researchers who are also passionate dog lovers. Hills science developed their large dog breed recipe to nourish your Great Dane puppy and supply his unique developmental dietary needs.

The main ingredient in the dry dog food recipe is protein from the finest naturally sourced lamb, salmon, or chicken. These are rich sources of proteins that will provide the optimum amount of amino acids need to maintain and build your giant breed’s muscles.

It also contains a healthy balance of nutrients, including vitamins and minerals, to help strengthen your puppy’s developing teeth and bones.

The calcium content is precisely controlled to ensure an optimal bone growth rate in large dog breeds.

To supplement your Great Dane puppy’s brain and eye functions, Hill science included a healthy dose of the fatty acid DHA known to promote cognitive and vision development.

Each ingredient used in the formulation is carefully selected and has to pass through a stringent quality assurance review to make sure it’s safe and provides your great Dane the energy he needs for a game of fetch.

What we liked

  • Real protein sources from lamb, salmon or chicken
  • DHA to supplement brain and eye function
  • No artificial preservatives, flavoring or coloring.
  • 100% natural and delicious ingredients.


Instinct by Nature’s Variety Puppy food

Instinct by Nature’s best puppy food for great Danes was developed to give your puppy her unique dietary requirements needed to promote lean muscle development, a shinier coat, healthy digestion and healthier skin with a great taste to boot.

Serve up your great Dane a healthy portion of Instinct by Nature’s grain-free dry dog food with real farm-fresh chicken as the number one ingredient.

It has a unique formulation designed to be better than kibble with its raw, freeze-dried meat packed into easily digestible bite-sizes.

Instinct by Nature specially made this formulation giant dog breed puppies such as your Great Dane by having him thrive on the nutritional benefits of raw meat in every serving. You also get nutrition boosted kibble with a healthy blend of beef, fish, and poultry as extra protein sources.

With an extra dose of DHA fatty acids, Instinct by Nature’s was designed to support overall physical, mental, and vision development.

And let’s forget the probiotics, prebiotics and omega fatty acids included to promote your Great Dane puppy’s immunity and healthy digestion.

Instinct by Nature’s best puppy food for great Danes features an all-natural formulation made from real chicken, fish, and beef without any additives such including artificial preservatives, coloring or flavoring.

What’s more, it was made from high-quality ingredient, and you won’t find any soy, wheat, corn, grains, potatoes, or any other meal byproducts.

What we liked

  • Extra DHA for improved vision and cognitive functions
  • Real meats, fish, and poultry used
  • Probiotics to promote healthy digestion


Eukanuba Puppy dry dog food for large breeds

Great Danes have specific nutritional requirements to fuel their huge bodies and provide them with enough energy and Eukanuba’s puppy dry dog food does exactly that.

With a precisely controlled nutritional content, Eukanuba’s best puppy food for great Danes is designed to unleash her deep-seated potential.

Eukanuba dry dog food has a unique, complete, and balanced formulation designed to promote healthy musculoskeletal development.

With its high-protein content sourced from animal proteins, it provides your great Dane the necessary amino acids to help build lean muscle mass.

Additionally, it’s fortified with an optimum phosphorous and calcium profile which are responsible for promoting the growth of strong and robust teeth and bones.

And to help you raise a smart and intelligent puppy, they included a healthy dose of DHA in Eukanuba’s best puppy food for Great Danes.

The fatty acid DHA has been clinically proven to support and promote healthy vision and cognitive function and development.

Great Danes are giant dog breeds which require a lot of energy, and that’s where Eukanuba’s optimized carb and fat profile saves the day.

They provide the required energy for plenty of fun and growth. What’s more, to help smoothen things over in your Great Dane puppy’s gut, they included a blend of prebiotics and dietary fiber to promote healthy digestion.

What we liked

  • Suitable for giant breed puppies up to 15 months of age
  • Concentrated Carbs and Fat for energy demands
  • The main ingredient is farm-fresh chicken
  • Mineral content to promote musculoskeletal development


Wellness Core Natural Grain Free Dry Dog

Another proudly American dog food brand known for reinventing dog nutrition with their complete and balanced large breed dog food; Wellness Core. Wellness core’s best puppy food for Great Danes was formulated to be a daily driver and fuel for your giant breed.

The main ingredient in this giant breed formulation is protein sourced from high-quality farm-fresh poultry, i.e. turkey and chicken.

It’s a completely natural formulation using only locally sourced ingredients and a healthy dose of glucosamine and chondroitin.

Being a 100% natural formulation, you won’t find any by-product meals, wheat, artificial preservatives, flavoring and coloring, soy or corn.

The glucosamine and chondroitin are essential for large breeds since they promote the formation of strong joints and cartilage.

These help keep musculoskeletal conditions at bay as well as promote stability and mobility, making it one of the best puppy food for Great Danes.

What’s more, it also features a blend of antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, prebiotics and omega fatty acids packed into bite-sized kibble.

Wellness core’s natural nutrient-rich formulation was developed to support the growth and development of your great Dane puppy by promoting her immunity, musculoskeletal development and provides an optimum amino acid profile for building and maintain lean muscle mass.

What we liked

  • Glucosamine and chondroitin for stronger cartilage and joints
  • Antioxidants for promoting oxidation balance
  • 100% naturally sourced ingredients—no GMOs
  • No corn, soy, wheat or other artificial additives


Taste of The Wild Pacific Stream Puppy Formula

Taste of The Wild best puppy food for Great Danes was developed to remind your puppy of the natural flavors and ingredients found in the wild. Taste of The Wild is complete and balanced puppy food designed to feed your great Dane puppy the way nature intended to.

It’s a grain-free dry puppy dog formula that features novel protein sources such as salmon, sweet potatoes, and peas designed to be highly nutritious and easily digestible.

Along with its high naturally derived antioxidant content, this grain-free recipe was developed to meet your developing puppy’s ever-changing energy needs. Additionally, with its high vegetable and fruit, your great Dane will able to develop a strong, healthy immune system.

And to help with digestion, Taste of the Wild’s best puppy food for Great Danes also comes with a healthy dose of prebiotics sourced from chicory roots.

The extra mineral paired with amino acids helps improve the absorption of proteins as well as support optimum growth.

The number one ingredient in Taste of the Wild’s best puppy food for Great Danes, combined with naturally sourced antioxidants and omega fatty acids which support the overall growth of your puppy, a shinier coat, healthy skin and elevates her energy spirits.

What we liked

  • Number one ingredient is salmon
  • Fortified with omega fatty acids for healthier skin and shinier coat
  • Grain-free completely natural formulation
  • Prebiotics promote healthy digestion


Purina Pro Plan Dry puppy food

Purina Pro Plan was developed to offer specialized large dog breed nutrition and to satisfy their unique nutritional requirements. Purina Pro Plan best puppy food for Great Danes was formulated to a be a balanced every day high-energy source of nutrition for giant fur ball.

It’s made from high-quality naturally sourced ingredients including real farm-raised chicken, salmon or lamb.

The number one ingredient in Purina Pro Plan is a high-quality protein which is sourced from real meats and intended to meet the high amino acid demand of giant dog breeds and help build and maintain lean muscle mass.

It features a specialized formulation designed to nourish a variety of dog breeds, sizes and to be suitable for a variety of dog life stages.

Purina Pro Plan also offers variety with its 14 dry puppy food formulas designed to appeal to the finickiest of Great Dane puppies.

These include formulas developed for specific life stages and breed sizes. However, what sets Purina Pro’s best puppy food for great Danes apart is its specialized formula for sensitive stomach and skin developed to minimize exposure to irritation causing agents.

Purina Pro Plan was specially developed for puppies that weigh more than 50 lbs — making it perfect for your Great Dane.

What we liked

  • High-quality protein sourced from real meats
  • Its 14 different dry food flavors offer variety
  • Made for puppies weighing over 50 lbs.
  • Sensitive stomach and skin formulations


Blue Buffalo Life Protection Large Breed Formula

Our last best puppy food for Great Danes was created to be a wholesome nutritional source for your Great Dane from a brand known for their great pet food.

Blue Buffalo’s life protection for large breeds is among the best giant breed puppy foods for its complete and balanced nutrition.

All their formulas contain naturally sourced farm-fresh meats, vegetable, and fruits as well their unique LifeSource Bits.

Blue Buffalo’s LifeSource bits are a blend of essential dog nutrients fortified with several naturally sourced antioxidants.

Its high protein content helps provide and maintain an optimal amino acid profile necessary to promote the healthy development and maintenance of lean muscle mass.

Couple that with a healthy dose of chondroitin and glucosamine, you will not only be able to reduce the risk of her developing musculoskeletal conditions but also promote the formation of healthy bone and cartilage.

Additionally, by incorporating omega 3 and six fatty acids in the best puppy food for great Danes, Blue Buffalos formulation also supports and maintain healthy skin and shiny coat.

And to meet her energy demands, Blue Buffalo added a healthy dose of carbohydrates in the recipe.

Moreover, Blue Buffalo went the extra mile to make an already great product to be even better by using 100% natural ingredients.

You won’t find a trace of corn, meal-products, soy, wheat, and any artificial flavoring, preservatives, and coloring.

What we liked

  • Phosphorous and Calcium to strengthen teeth and bones
  • No artificial flavoring, preservatives or coloring
  • Chelated minerals to improve digestion.


3 Things to Consider when shopping Great Dane Puppy food

Large dog breeds are susceptible to a variety of health conditions if their calorie intake isn’t well regulated which is it’s important for you to be vigil when shopping for the best puppy food for Great Danes.

There are a variety of factors to consider when shopping for your Great Dane puppy’s food, but we’ll only cover a few here :

#1 Size of your Great Dane

Great Danes are generally large dogs and typically tend to vary in weight and height.

However, the best puppy food for Great Danes should have a controlled calorie content allowing you to increase or decrease the amount of food depending on her overalls size.

#2 Life Stage

Great Danes usually require a lot of energy to maintain their imposing size and puppies require even more to fuel their growth, development, and fast metabolism.

It’s important that the best puppy food for Great Danes has a high-calorie content to meet their energy demands.

#3 level of activity

Your Great Dane puppy’s lifestyle plays a vital role in determining how much calories she needs. The best puppy food for great Danes should have an optimum caloric content sufficient enough to meet the needs of both an active and sedentary lifestyle.

There you have it folks, our top ten favorite choices for Great Dane puppies. Like all other dog breeds, these gentle giants deserve our love and attention, and there’s no better to show her your love than getting her the best puppy food for Great Danes.