Best Puppy Food For Small Breeds Dogs

Cute and cuddly; that was my first thought when I first brought my Japanese Spitz home for the first time.

How could I resist her portable size and adorable eyes but like most new small dog owners, I was unprepared and clueless about what to feed her, and of course, mistakes were made, but I learned.

So to help you make the best nutritional choices for your Pekingese, Poodle, Pinschers, Japanese spitz, etc. we created a list of favorite best puppy food for small dog breeds.

While her puppy-dog eyes make it hard for you to resist giving her bacon, peanut butter, and milk; they aren’t the best food choices.

Even though she gobbles them up in an instant and never seems to have enough, they’re known to cause health problems.

They are known to cause a variety of health problems in your dog from stomach upsets, bloating, pancreatitis, diarrhea which can all be fatal.

That’s why the first thing you need to do before bring a new puppy home is to choose the best puppy food for small dog breeds. They come with the right combination of minerals, vitamins, and proteins to keep her healthy for years and are tasty to boot—puppies are known to be picky eaters.

Do You have a Training Schedule?

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Without further ado, here are our best puppy food for small dog breeds.

We’ve reviewed 10 puppy food for small breeds dogs but here are our top 4:

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Blue Buffalo Wilderness Dry Dog food

Your canine’s wolf ancestor inspired our first healthy and nutritious small dog breed food; Blue Buffalo Wilderness dry dog food. Its high protein content combines with its kibble sized formulation make it an ideal solution for your fur baby’s smaller jaws.

Blue Buffalo’s rich protein content comes from real deboned chicken, fish, and chicken meals designed to maintain and build your dog’s lean muscle mass.

It features a unique grain-free formulation that has a precise balance of carbs, meats dog love, fruits, and vegetables designed to meet your small dog’s nutritional and energy requirements.

What’s more, it also incorporates Blue Buffalo’s unique LifeSource bit with two parts.

Blue Buffalo’s LifeSource bits is a unique formulation that blends premium-quality dog food ingredients with a unique mix of minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants.

It’s unique blend of nutrients carefully selected by animal nutritionists and veterinarians to support the growth and development of your puppy make it one of the best puppy food for small dog breeds.

It comes in an 11-pound bag that is completely natural, i.e. it’s made from the finest natural dog food ingredients and doesn’t contain any by-product meals, soy, artificial flavoring, or corn.

If you’re searching a nutritionally balanced solution to fuel the growth, cognitive development, and immunity of your small breed puppy, then Blue Buffalo’s wilderness has got you covered.

What we liked

  • Blend of real meats, fruit, and vegetables
  • Natural ingredients; No corn, soy or artificial flavoring
  • Grain-free kibble sized formula
  • Glucosamine fortified for mobility and joint support


Taste of The Wild High Protein dog food

While dogs were tamed to be loyal best friends, they still share their shrewd hunter primal instincts and Taste of The Wild’s High Protein dog food was to satisfy their longing for the wild.

It features a high-protein content made from a blend of real meats and rich protein sources fortified with mineral, vitamins, vegetables, and fruits for rich heart tasty meal.

The number one protein source in Taste of the Wild’s best puppy food for small dog breeds is real venison.

The venison is mixed with lamb meal, ocean fish, egg, sweet potatoes, duck, and other natural ingredients to make a high-calorie formula that provides up to 370 kcal of energy for each cup.

All these ingredients work to provide a rich protein formulation to build strong lean muscles.

Additionally, it’s superfood nutritional combined with its blend of fatty acids help facilitate oxidative balance, promote immunity, and help nourish your puppy’s coat and skin.

Taste of the Wild’s best puppy food for small breed dogs also comes packed with proprietary dog species-specific pre and probiotics designed to promote healthy digestion.

All of which is packed in grain free formulation with three weight options ranging from the small-sized 5lb pack to a medium-sized 14lb and finally the largest size, a 28lb pack.

What we liked

  • High protein and superfood content
  • Suitable for a variety of puppy stages
  • Three weight options
  • No artificial flavoring, grain, filler, etc.


Purina Beneful Incredibites

Purina Beneful Incredibites promises to provide ultra-nutritional value to your puppy with a tasty and delicious flavor to boot. Beneful developed their best puppy food for small breed dogs to nourish her high metabolism and give her the energy she needs for plenty of play.

It comes in two flavors: a tasty farm-raised chicken flavor and a delicious beef flavor developed to give your puppy a variety of options.

She’ll be able to enjoy up to 27 grams of proteins that will provide the necessary amino acids to help her develop and maintain lean muscle mass.

What’s more, Beneful included a variety of vegetables into their Incredibites such as spinach, sweet potatoes, peas, and carrots to make it one of the best-tasting puppy food for small dog breeds.

All of which is packed into a tempting mix of tasty crunchy and tender kibble designed for small jaws that will keep her coming back for more.

Beneful also included 23 different minerals and vitamins so you can rest easy knowing that she’s getting a balanced diet.

What we liked

  • 23 grams of protein per cup
  • 23 different minerals and vitamins
  • Real farm-raised chicken and beef options
  • A tasty blend of tender and crunchy kibble


Merrick Classic Small Breed Dry dog food

Merrick Classic is known for developing recipes that provide a traditional balanced diet using naturally sourced ingredients and their best puppy food for small breed dogs is no exception.

Each cup contains premium-quality proteins, farm-fresh vegetables, fruits, and whole grains.

Merrick Classics Small breed dry dog food potato-free formulation was developed to provide your fur baby with a low sugar option to promote her overall health and growth.

Featuring high omega-3 and omega-6 content, she’ll be able to maintain a lush coat and nourish her skin.

It’sprotein-rich content is made up of a blend of deboned chicken, fish, and meat that is USDA certified to help fuel her overall growth by promoting the development of lean muscle mass.

And thanks to the high levels of chondroitin and glucosamine included in the recipes she’ll be able to strengthen joints and hips to support mobility.

Merrick Classic’s best puppy food for small breeds also incorporates a variety of superfoods such as quinoa, apples, carrots, and peas.

Additionally, it’s quinoa content derived from a unique ancient quinoa grain that’s rich in fiber to help promote healthy digestion.

Merrick Classic’s small breed dry dog feed was developed to give your puppy a nutritional boost and keep her in peak shape all day every day.

What we liked

  • Rich in Omega-3,6 for healthy skin and a lush coat
  • Dietary fiber to promote healthy digestion
  • Extra Chondroitin and Glucosamine for healthy joint and hip development
  • Low glycemic formulation
  • Great for picky eaters


Diamond Naturals Small Breed Puppy Formula

Diamond Naturals best puppy food for small breed dogs promises to deliver an uncompromising balanced diet sourced from the finest natural ingredients.

Their small breed formula comes fortified with probiotics to promote immunity and healthy digestion.

You can count on their unique blend of superfoods to deliver the required vitamins and minerals to promote the overall health of your puppy.

These superfoods include kale, spinach, orange, and even blueberries that help boost immunity and maintain a healthy urinary tract.

Diamond’s protein-rich formulation comes from real farm-fresh chicken, beef, and lamb, which promote lean muscle development.

Diamond also went the extra mile and developed a separate formulation for sensitive and picky puppies.

Their best puppy food for small breed dogs exclude common fillers, soy, wheat, and corn, and they also offer a grain-free kibble option to limit your puppy’s exposure.

Not forgetting it’s high omega fatty acids content which helps maintain healthy skin and shiny coat.

If you’re looking to kick start your puppy’s nutrition with a balanced protein-rich diet, then Diamond Naturals Small breed dry dog food is your best bet.

A natural recipe that’s highly nutritious, digestible, and designed to promote your puppy’s physical and cognitive health.

What we liked

  • Fortified to promote healthy digestion
  • Developed for sensitive puppies
  • Real farm-fresh meat sources
  • High omega-3 & 6 for maintaining a lush coat and healthy skin


Holistic Select Small dog dry food

Our next best puppy food for small breed dogs was developed to offer a holistic nutritional and digestive support for your puppy. It was developed a unique blend of digestion promoters, including healthy dietary fiber, probiotics, and digestive enzymes.

Combined with the high protein and fat content, these digestion promoters help enhance the absorption and use of nutrients by your puppy, leaving her nourished and energized.

And to support the growth and development of her vision and cognitive, they incorporated DHA.

Additionally, by including superfoods rich in antioxidants such as pomegranate and blueberries, Holistic’s best puppy food for small breed dogs can naturally promote cellular function.

Some of the other superfoods include pumpkin, which is not only a great source for dietary fiber for your puppy but also helps keep stomach upsets at bay, and cinnamon, which is known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties.

Holistic developed their best puppy food for small breed dogs to fuel their high metabolism and energy requirements with each cup providing up to 481 kcal of energy.

Moreover, it’s protease, amylase and cellulose help speed up the breakdown of protein, starch, and cellulose required by your tiny puppy’s body.

What we liked

  • High enzyme content to promote healthy digestion
  • DHA content to promote vision and cognitive functions
  • Antioxidant-rich superfoods to promote immunity and oxidation balance
  • High-calorie content offering up to 481 kcal per cup


Purina Pro Plan Dry Dog food

Developed for the passionate pet owner looking to do more for their overly committed and trusting furry canine companion; Purina Pro Plan’s best puppy food for small dog breed is designed to give your puppy a great start.

It comes in a high protein and balanced formulation with chicken as the number one ingredient designed to meet the high energy requirements for your small dog breed.

Made from specially selected premium quality ingredients, Purina Pro Plan was developed to offer unique nutritional needs for your fast metabolizing fur baby.

Additionally, it was developed to boost vision and cognitive development thanks to its DHA content. Each cup was tailored to offer optimal amounts of protein and fat to help your puppy develop lean muscle mass and maintain a fit body.

Its bite-sized kibble was designed for small jaw, making chowing down on Purina Pro Plan best puppy food for small dog breeds relatively easy.

And to help promote nutrient absorption and utility in your puppy from nose-to-tail, they developed it to be a highly digestible formulation.

What’s more, to help reduce the buildup of plaque on your puppy’s teeth, Purina’s Pro Plan comes with a high phosphorous and calcium content, other minerals as well as a hard-textured kibble formulation.

What we liked

  • High calcium and phosphorous for dental health
  • Improve brain and vision function
  • Promote lean muscle development
  • Helps maintain the puppy’s radiant coat and healthy skin


Castor & Pollux Organix Puppy recipe

Our next contender comes from a brand that describes itself to be the top American organically certified dog food provider, Organix. That’s right, organic being the keyword; Castor and Pollux are leading ingredient supplier sourcing high-quality and rare ingredients to make the purposeful, best puppy food for small dog breeds.

From minimizing her allergies and skin irritations to minimizing stomach upsets to promoting overall better health; Castor & Pollux organic pet food options promise to deliver a lot more than a full stomach for your fur baby.

Everything that went into producing Castor & Pollux was entirely organic from its ingredient to its production, to storage and much more.

You can rest easy feeding her a bowl full of Organix recipe kibble and being an American brand, you know it was cooked in an organic American kitchen.

Castor & Pollux best puppy food for small dog breeds was designed to give chock full of highly digestible proteins—sourced from organic farm-fresh chicken, minerals, and vitamins.

It also comes packed with nutrient-rich organic superfoods, including blueberries, flaxseeds, and coconut oil. These superfoods are known to promote urinary tract health, immunity, healthy skin, shiny coat, and the overall health of your fur baby.

Additionally, thanks to its DHA contents, it’s able to promote the growth and development of your puppy’s vision and cognitive faculties.

Castor & Pollux is proud of their USDA NOP certification so you can bet they don’t use any artificial flavoring, synthetic growth hormones, and fertilizers, etc. in the best puppy food for small dog breeds.

What we liked

  • Organically certified and made in an American kitchen
  • High protein content sourced from organ farm-fresh chicken
  • Packed with superfoods to promote overall health
  • DHA content to promote brain and vision development


Taste of the Wild Grain-Free Dry dog food

Taste of the Wild’s grain-free dry dog food was developed to give your growing puppy a taste of nature’s finest ingredients enjoyed by their wolf cousins.

The number one ingredient in this best puppy food for small dog breeds is real venison.

The other sources of proteins include a blend of lamb, ocean fish meal, lamb, egg, and duck.

It provides a rich source of protein which maintains the required amino acid profile required for your puppy to develop strong, lean muscles and maintain optimal weight.

It also comes packed with anti-oxidant superfoods rich in vitamins, fatty acids, and minerals. These superfoods include canola oil, tomato pomace, blueberries, etc.

all of which are designed to boost your puppy’s overall health.

Blueberries are especially known to promote your puppy’s urinary tract health and bolster immunity. Thanks to its pre and probiotic dietary fiber content, your puppy will be able to enjoy healthy digestion and smooth defecation process; producing droppings of normal consistency—not hard or loose making it one of the best puppy food for small dog breeds.

All these ingredients work together to provide a nutritionally, balanced high energy meal designed to keep your puppy healthy and energized throughout the day every day.

And come in bite-sized kibble designed for small mouths and teeth that are highly digestible.

What we liked

  • Prebiotic and probiotic dietary fiber promotes healthy digestion
  • Small bite-size kibble formulation
  • Highly digestible real venison
  • Anti-oxidant rich superfood content


Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Dry Dog Food

Our last best puppy food for small dog breeds is Natural Balance’s limited ingredient dry dog food formulated to provide superior nutrition to keep your puppy healthy, happy, and energized all day.

Unlike our other puppy foods, Natural Balanced developed their simple high protein formulation using simple ingredients, the main source of protein being farm-fresh duck.

Natural Balance premium puppy food was developed for the finicky puppy whose fond of the flavor.

What’s more, by using duck as the single protein source, it helps reduce the chances of exposure to these ingredients such as chicken known to cause issues in sensitive puppies.

The main carbohydrate source for this best puppy food for small dog breeds is potatoes.

They are highly digestible and a premium source of calories. Natural Balance also added salmon oil to their puppy recipe, which is a rich source of DHA, which is known to promote vision and cognitive development in your puppy.

Additionally, it’s made from flax seeds which are great sources of omega fatty acids which support your puppy’s healthy skin and promote the shine on her coat.

By limiting the number of ingredients, carbohydrate and protein sources, Natural balance was able to develop a natural puppy recipe formulation designed to keep stomach upsets and other complications at bay.

What we liked

  • Limited protein and carbohydrate sources; duck and potatoes
  • Salmon oil rich in DHA to support vision and brain development
  • No additives, preservatives, or artificial flavoring
  • Made for sensitive and finicky puppies.


Whether you have a small dog breed, a puppy, or an active small dog, the above puppy foods should help maintain your puppy’s overall health and promote growth and development.

However, don’t forget that the best puppy food for small dog breeds come with a high protein content, made from organic ingredients, are rich in antioxidant superfoods, no artificial flavoring, and coloring, no filler, by-products, preservatives, probiotics, and prebiotics and come in bite-sized kibble sizes made for small jaws.