Brain Training for Dogs Review 2019

Thinking about buying Adrienne Farricelli’s Brain Training For Dogs program? Read this review to discover our thoughts and opinions. Is it really worth your money? Find out now…

Most passionate dog owners do a great job of giving their canine companions a regular dose of physical exercises such as a walk around the block or a Frisbee toss in the park.

Which is great; however, there’s a lot more to your furry companion than muscle; dogs are quite brainy as well.

Now, we’re not talking about Einstein-level smartness but more like the brain of a child. According to Dr. J Coates, a veterinarian with, the modern day dog suffers from loneliness and boredom due to a lack of mental stimulation.

The result is a bored and anxious canine with a lot of pent-up energy, which leads to destructive behavioral problems.

A great way of nipping these behavioral and physical problems in the bud is to give your dog in some mental exercises designed to engage and challenge her.

Adrienne Farricelli’s Dog Brain Training

And that’s what Adrienne Farricelli’s brain training for dogs was developed for. Using a simple science-backed approach, Adrienne Faricelli takes you through a series of brain training exercises for dogs developed to get your canine companion to listen to you.

Her entire program is designed to unlock your dog’s hidden intelligence potential and help you raise an obedient, well-mannered canine companion and put an end to those bad behaviors.

Unlike dominance training, where the goal is to get your dog to submit into doing what you want, Adrienne Farricelli’s program was designed to use force-free techniques paired with positive reinforcement dog training philosophy.

She shows you how to raise a loving, trusting, and confident fur baby or companion. Her force-free training techniques help to foster problem-solving skills and mental capacity in your dog.

Clearly and concisely, her brain training for dogs’ course was designed to take you through a practical series of challenges and puzzles developed to engage your dog’s mental faculties and be entertaining and fun as well.

Who is Adrienne Farricelli?

Adrienne Farricelli is an Arizona based certified dog trainer with years of experience training dogs. CPDT-KA certifies her as a professional dog trainer, and she’s also the proud owner of two adorable Rottweilers.

She’s a passionate dog trainer with years of experience, and her work has been featured on a variety of popular publications including Every Dog Magazine and USA Today. You can also find her contributions on popular help websites such as All Experts and eHow.

She condenses her vast experience as a dog trainer, veterinarian assistant, behavioral consultant into an easy-to-follow eBook; Brain Training for Dogs eBook.

She’s used her experience to help thousands of frustrated canine owners, including training service dogs for veterans.

Adrienne Faricelli’s brain training for dogs program was developed for the modern day dog owner looking for a smart way to get rid of bad behavior.

Maybe you’re struggling with chewing, or perhaps your tired of the incessant barking and lunging on your walks.

Whether it’s training a new puppy or housetraining a seasoned canine; Adrienne Faricelli does a great job of helping you solve the problem by getting to the root of it.

Unlike other cookie-cutter trainers whose courses aren’t worth the ink they’re written on, her brain training for dogs was developed using her decade of experience as a certified professional dog trainer.

Key Features of the course

  • Sign up, and you will get access to the member’s area and be able to continue or refer to information from the course on any device on the go.
  • Affordable dog training course competitively priced at $47 with a boatload of bonuses and upgrades—brain training for dogs may soon be a membership course.
  • Discover a private, member’s only forum where you can find, interact, and discuss canine problems with passionate dog owners like yourself.
  • Access a huge library covering a variety of dog problems and how to solve them the Adrienne Faricelli’s way.
  • Get access to clear step-by-step instruction on how to unlock your canine’s hidden brain potential and eliminate her bad behaviors.
  • Information you can trust from her years of experience as a certified dog trainer, condensed into a series of articles and videos.
  • Get the Behavior Training for Dogs bonus showcasing a variety of common behavioral problems and how to use simple tactics to correct these bad behaviors.
  • Comes with a 60-day no questions asked money back guarantee, virtually a risk-free opportunity to take her brain training for dogs course for a test drive.
  • Full customer support and hold your hand thanks to her dedicated help center.
  • Access a resourceful troubleshooting section designed for those troublesome or older canines who are more set in their ways.

How it works

She uses a science-backed system heavily researched by ivy league schools such as Harvard to correct bad behaviors. It’s based on the idea of neuroplasticity a very well-known concept of the brain.

It involves exploiting the malleability of the human brain; in this case, the animal brain to adopt new behaviors or learn new desirable habits.

Adrienne’s system and mental exercises were developed to activate your dog’s brain and make her more receptive to learning new behaviors.

By taking your dog through a sequence of mental exercise, including puzzles, you’ll be able to bolster your dog’s problem-solving capacity, challenge her as well as spend some quality time together.

The brain training for dogs course was developed to enable your dog to choose to listen and obey you.

Unlike other training techniques where she listens because there’s a treat in it for her or punishment if she doesn’t, but because she wants to.

Her dog training system was designed to improve your dog’s intelligence to make her more suggestible to house training.

Bored dogs often direct their pent-up energy into destructive behaviors like ripping through your shoes, barking incessantly, among other behavioral issues.

With neuroplasticity, you’ll be able to mentally challenge your dog with a specific set of mental exercises designed to eliminate your dog’s behavioral problems.

Neuroplasticity dog training not only improves the overall health of your dog but also improves their learning ability and behavior.

Whether you’re struggling with potting training or impulse control or a whining dog; her force-free techniques will help straighten out your unruly canine.

The course is divided into seven modules named after the education system.

Preschool / Module One

Here you’ll learn the fundaments of dog training and should help you get up to speed with the other modules or sections.

She’ll show you how to tap into your canine’s intelligence and teach her to be very obedient.

It involves improving your dog’s focus and attention with target training.

You’ll also learn a secret eye-to-eye technique of commanding your dog’s attention and obedience as well as the fairly simple airplane game.

Elementary / Module Two

Get up speed with some mental exercises as you take your dog through some mental challenges designed to engage her mind and entertain the both of you.

Learn to teach your dog to play The Treasure Hunt to ignite her primal wolf instincts or the ball pit game to drain her energy and make her more compliant.

This part of the training is fun for both you and your dog, do not miss this section!

High School / Module Three

In this section, you’ll learn to tame your dog’s impulses and teach her to be patient.

Check out the Jazz Up and Settle Down section to calm your overexcited dog or Bobbing for Treats developed to entertain, engage, and motivate your dog to behave better.

The tricks and advice given in this module is amazing. You’ll connect even more with your best friend after this.

College / Module Four

Here, she walks you through the best ways of developing your dog’s motor function and improve his focus as well as learning ability.

Challenge her mental agility with The Shell Game or teach to control her impulses, be patient and calm when the door is open in the Open Sesame Game.

Definitely an important module you’ll find interesting and once your dog starts learning these tricks the rest becomes easier.

University / Module Five

Using her force-free techniques, you’ll be able to build a strong and loving bond with your dog while raising her to be a well-behaved canine companion.

Discover the Hide and Seek game designed to curb loneliness and grow the bond between you two.

Enjoy your dog walks by teaching your dog The Look at That game developed to eliminate unnecessary barking at other canine and hoomans.

Graduation / Module Six

Teach your dog advanced motor skills and tricks and have her absolute obedience.

This section was designed for you and your dog to be the life of the party by teaching your furry canine companion nifty little parlor tricks.

Everything from the Serpentines and Spirals to Name the Toy; games designed to develop and stimulate your dog’s mental faculties.

Einstein / Module Seven

The last section is designed to transform your canine slacker into an Einstein-dog protégé with advanced tips and tricks.

Wow your friends with your dog’s new found ability to play the piano, stack rings and even take away her toys.

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The course also comes with a variety of bonuses, including teaching your dog how to shake a paw, play dead, dance, etc.

Additionally, Adrienne Farricelli’s brain training for dogs also does a great job of teaching your dog to obey you, how and when to fade away treats and an article archive covering a variety of behavior issues and how to solve them.

From what we’ve seen, Adrienne Farricelli’s brain training program deliver according to its hype and comes with an affordable price tag to boot.

You’ll quickly learn that dog training can be fairly straightforward when you stick to her force-free training philosophy and are consistent.