How To Train A Dog To Stay Off The Couch

Our furry friends love the furniture as much as we do, so it’s no surprise that they’ll seize the opportunity whenever there is one.

However, not everyone enjoys having to share the space with them, like me, Jenny. It works best for you when you set that boundary early on so that you don’t have struggles in the future.

You can also show them their designated space, for example, a soft pillow on the grown they can get cozy on.

The thing about training your dog to stay off the couch is that it’s a personal choice. I choose to have my buddy Browser off the sofa because of the fur and dirt.

I have a light grey couch that I am keen to keep that way. Some other people don’t mind that, and that’s okay.

Knowing when to get professional help

If your furry buddy has been staying on the couch with you for a long time and you try to get him off, and you get a growl or a snap, you might want to get professional help. That means that you have to re-train your dog to know that it is YOUR couch and them being there is a privilege.

So when making that shift, have a conversation with a professional trainer because teaching an old dog, new tricks require some expertise. You also don’t want to get on your dog’s wrong side by trying to change the norm.

You might find your couch chewed on!

Be of the same understanding with your other house members

Post training, I’d walk into the room and find Browser on the sofa. I came to learn later that my two kids would let him hang out with them on the couch when I was not around.

It meant setting the ground rules with my kids (and husband) not to let Browser on the sofa for whatever reason. He was still a puppy at this time, so I had enough time to un-train him and show him his designated spot.

Now at ten months, he knows that the sofa is off limits, even when there’s no one in the room.

Invest in a few beds

When seated on the kitchen counter or in the library, I like to have Browser being in a comfortable space as well. I got three donut beds with a bolster so it can support his head and body when listening intently to our stories.

The third one is in the backyard for when we fire up the grill.

I have a few of his favorite toys in each bed, and once in a while I will give him treats and play with him in his bed. You want him to love the space he’s in by making positive associations.

Discourage them from getting on the sofa when away

Even with all that training, Browser still liked being on the couch when we were away. I could notice it from the fur, though I would find him looking innocent in his donut bed.

To discourage him, I got a baby gate where I cauldron off into one corner away from the couch.

The other alternative is putting the baby gate on the sofa or prickly car mats that will make the experience uncomfortable for them. After a while, they learn, and the desire to be sneaky leaves them.

What to do when you burst him on the couch

There is great emphasis on the fact the best way to train a dog with love and kindness. When I find Browser on the sofa, I throw a treat close to his bed and wave him toward with my hand saying “off.”

When he goes for the treat, I take him to his place and give him another treat and then leave him there. The more fun and loving experiences he gets while in his bed, the more he’s going to enjoy staying in his space.

If there’s a mess there some fresh cleaning products, you can try like this stain and odor remover.

Go easy on the treats

You don’t want to train your dog an unexpected behavior. For example, throwing a treat off the couch, even when you say “off,” your buddy might think it is a game.

You consequently want to follow up the treat with the desired behavior, in this case, going to his cushion.

It may also require an introduction of words like “no” when they put their paws on the couch indicating they want to climb.