Review Of Doggy Dans Online Dog Trainer

Raising a dog, whether she’s a puppy or a rescue, is one of the most life-enriching experiences you can have. It’s great you’ve decided to add a canine companion to the fold, but like most new dog owners you’ve got no idea where to start and who wants to pay a thousand bucks plus on a dog trainer?

But we all know cleaning up after her every day is going to get old, and fast. She needs to be housebroken and well trained ASAP, but that’s easier said than done.

I can relate.

After spending hundreds of dollars, countless of hours learning and training Sasha—my German Shepherd, using cookie cutter online dog training programs, I still couldn’t figure out how to stop her from yanking on the leash and dragging me around while sniffing on our walks.

It can be really frustrating and test your patience especially because you know she needs to get her exercise in, but the rope burns from her pulling, sore back, incessant barking, lunging at other dogs and people have a way of dragging out your darkest impulses.

Oh, she tested my patience, luckily, as I was idly searching the web for a solution for taming my canine frenemy—that’s what we were at this point, I came across Doggy Dan’s online dog trainer program.

Doggy Dan’s Online Video Dog Trainer Course Overview

There’s no denying it, after spending my hard-earned cash on lackluster dog training programs which turned out to be for naught, I was skeptical at first. I thought to myself; it must be another overvalued, overpriced, and overhyped online dog training program—I was over it.

There are literally hundreds–if not thousands, of dog training programs, online promising you the world but delivering squat.

Naturally, I was hesitant about chucking out my wallet as most of you are.

Fortunately, Daniel Abdelnoor or Doggy Dan as he is more popularly known as gives you two ways of getting a taste of his training methods. And being a sucker for free stuff, I decided to try out his FREE 4-Part Online Video Dog Training Series first–your email is the currency.

Spoiler alert!

I was intrigued by Doggy Dan’s dog mentality approach, and I have to say, I agree with his views and non-harsh dog training techniques.

Most dog training methods either involve treating your dog for good behavior or punishing her to correct bad behavior or some form of clicker training.

Doggy Dan quickly explains why these traditional dog training methods don’t work and uses a different approach all together that involves exploiting the pack mentality—more on that later.

With his “live” video training, client consultations and before and after dog training videos, I was hooked, line and sinker.

Check out Doggy Dan’s The Easy Way to An Obedient Dog FREE online dog training series

Now that I’d gotten my feet wet with his free training series, I decided to try out his course: Danny Dan’s The Online Dog Trainer. It was a mere $1 to try it for about three days, which was more than enough time to get a feel for Danny’s style of dog training and training.

Right off the bat, I was blown away by his simple yet effective coaching methods, especially his five golden dog training rules which we will get into later. He made me realize that the issues I had with my dog’s unruly behavior started with me and not my canine companion.

Doggy Dan does a great job of compressing his years of experience as a professional dog trainer having successfully trained thousands of dogs into short easy to follow bite-sized videos.

I was able to calm Sasha down and put an end to her jumping, nipping, and licking.

It was great—for a change, to watch Doggy Dan in action practicing his techniques instead of just reading about it like what you do with dog training eBooks and websites.

Overall, for just $37 a month, you get a lot of value compared to most dog training programs.

You’ll find yourself constantly referring back to Dan’s five golden rules, and I’m hopeful in a few months, I’ll have myself a ladylike dog.

All right, now let’s get into the meat and potatoes of the course or more specifically a 30-thousand-foot view of what you get in the course.

Unfortunately, there’s a limit to what we can disclose so you’ll have to bear with us.

Key Features of Doggy Dan’s Training

  • Offers a Free 4-part dog training series plus a $1 three-day trial to get a feel for his course and training methods and then it’s $37 per month after the trial.
  • Dan does a great job of explaining dog training aspects in this 250 video course in A Simple, Effective Way, and Suitable for The Inexperienced Dog Trainer.
  • Covers everything from teaching her not to pull on the leash, to stopping her incessant barking, biting and chewing; Doggy Dan Addresses Some 34 Dog Behavior Issues and shows you how to keep them in check.
  • He Debunks Seven Dog Training myths from using shock collars to clicker training to training puppies and adult dogs.
  • Doggy Dan is a Certified Dog Trainer Based Out of Auckland, New Zealand, and his dog training techniques have been approved and recommended by the Royal New Zealand Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals or S.P.C.A for short.
  • Dan breaks down his training techniques into Six Easily Digestible Modules covering everything from the pack mentality to puppy training to advanced dog training techniques.
  • Great Customer Support and Forum for discussing the variety of issues dog owners face while training their dogs and Doggy Dan offers advice and training suggestions.
  • Comes with weekly video updates designed to address some of the issues raised by pet owners like you and me, and also reinforce the dog training techniques in the six sections.
  • A resource library where you can find Doggy Dan’s secret training techniques to mastering puppy training, voice commands, and help you understand your dog’s mentality.
  • Virtually risk-free thanks to Doggy Dan’s generous 60-day money back guarantee no questions asked.

How it Works

Doggy Dan’s whole training philosophy is based on positive reinforcement.

He recommends having your dog choose to obey instead of using treats as a motivator for good behavior or using punishment as a deterrent for bad behavior.

Dan recommends a holistic dog training approach that focuses on developing a loving, trusting, and respectful relationship with your dog.

Using his pack mentality approach and five golden rules, you’ll be able to get your dog to listen and obey no matter his breed, size, or age.

Doggy Dan begins by teaching you the five golden rules of dog training followed by the pack mentality approach designed to tame the aggression and destructive impulses of your dog.

He then equips you with the necessary dog training tools such as the Stick Trick.

Afterward, Dan takes you through the basics of puppy health, food, behavior problems, and command training. And he then supplements the above with a case study called Project Moses where he transforms an unruly puppy to a well-behaved dog in 10 months.

Since there is no such thing as a complete training program, Doggy Dan included a troubleshooting module where he provides solutions to urgent behavior problems, including leash pulling to unproved aggression.

The Pack Mentality

Doggy Dan whole training program is centered around the concept of being a pack leader similar to a wolf pack. You’ve probably come across or heard of this type of training from its other popular names such as dog whispering or alpha training.

The whole idea behind the pack mentality is to make sure your dog or puppy never forget that you rank higher in her pack—the alpha.

To achieve this, Doggy Dan shows you how to mimic some natural alpha wolf behavior when interacting with your fur buddy.

In a puppy’s case, this involves acting like her mother as you train her. While there is a lot of debate behind the science and “realness” of dog whispering, there’s no denying the results and hundreds of testimonials from satisfied dog owners.

Alpha training or the pack mentality training is sometimes labeled as a balanced or blended dog training technique since it involves the use of both positive reinforcement and corrective techniques which Doggy Dan isn’t too fond of unless absolutely necessary.

Positive reinforcement involves the use of well-timed treats and praise, while corrective measures involve subjecting your dog to doses of something it doesn’t like.

These may include using tools such as choke chains and electronic collars to using gestures that mimic dog bites such as squeezing with your hand.

Alpha training is a lot like cooking, which requires the right amount of spices and salt for a perfect dish; otherwise, you risk ruining it.

Doggy Dan does a great job of teaching you the ropes of Alpha training and shows you exactly how to use it in a variety of situations and gives you pointers on things to consider such as your dog’s age, temperament, history, and behavioral tendencies.

As the pack leader, Dan teaches you how to be a great leader and maintain this hierarchy in your “family” pack.

He goes into detail on how to avoid misusing positive and negative reinforcement in a variety of situations with real client consultations.

Doggy Dan’s 5 “Golden” Dog training rules

Unfortunately, terms and conditions withstanding, we’re unable to disclose Doggy’s Dan five golden rules. However, we can give you some insight into a few common aspects involved in dominance training, which are a lot similar to his training style.

Gesture Eating

As part of the alpha training, there are two parts to gesture eating, the first part is basically eating in front of her, and before she does.

It’s based on the pack mentality whereby the pack’s alpha gets to eat their share first before the other members.

In dominance training, it’s important to maintain the leadership hierarchy, and gesture eating is a great way of maintaining your authority over your dog. It could be a midday snack, her favorite treat or dinner; eat it before her to show her who’s boss.

Long ago, wolves hunted in packs, and this deep-rooted primal instinct remains intact in modern-day dogs even after centuries of evolution.

Living in a pack meant caring for each member of the pack, providing companionship, a home and hearth.

However, in a pack, each member has a role play, and there’s always the head of the pack; the alpha—the role you’ll be playing with Doggy Dan’s online dog trainer. The alpha was in charge, led the pack, and ate before the other members of the pack.

Each member of the pack submitted to the alpha and his dominance was absolute thanks to his strength, power, and experience. His/her word was all, and any member of the pack that tried to defy was dealt with accordingly.

Doggy Dan’s the online dog trainer, shows us that dogs are intelligent creatures and not puppets that do our bidding.

However, when you win your dog’s trust, loyalty, and respect she’ll choose to obey you because she wants to and you’ll be able to command her.

I realized that dogs are constantly looking to their master for direction; if they don’t get, then they’ll grow to be unruly ill-mannered dogs.

That’s because they take over as the alpha and everything aside from her sleeping spot is fair game for everything from defecation to biting and chewing.

However, becoming the pack leader or the alpha is an all hands on deck type of situation, so each member of the family needs to chip in.

Knowing that the Doggy Dan’s online dog trainer course was developed to be simple and easy to understand manual that can be used by the whole family, so you’re on the same page on your dog’s house rules.

The second step of this rule is to take away her dinner if she doesn’t start chowing down on it immediately.

Not that they don’t know, but this reinforces the idea that you’re the alpha, that she only eats when you say so, and that you control all the resources.

The training might sound a bit too strict, but it’s not, and there’s no use of force or physical coercion in his techniques.

You could think of it as having a mental leash on your dog designed to teach and reinforce the house rules so you can both have a fun, peaceful co-existence.

The Royal Ignore

The other important aspect of dominance dog training involves ignoring your canine compound when you get back from work or if you’ve been separated for a while.

That means giving her the cold shoulder when you arrive home since they like testing your alpha status.

It’s a technique when mastered correctly, can be effective in taming her bad behaviors such as jumping and growling at others.

The Royal Ignore can also be used to deter bad behavior; as punishment for behavior such as growling at family members, which should never be tolerated.

It doesn’t involve any hitting, yelling or slamming and can be used to stop other irritating dog behaviors, including her incessant barking, chewing, leash dragging, etc.

For it to work, you need to be consistent with it and if she’s messing around, don’t give her any commands.

You don’t want to give her the opportunity to ignore your commands. The main concept behind the Royal Ignore is to simply ignore her and whatever she’s doing—you know, turning a blind eye completely until she realizes it’s wrong and stops.

Tools for The Online Dog Trainer

Once you’ve got the basics down, Doggy Dan moves on to introduce a set of techniques and tools used to make his dog training style more efficient and effective.

There are a lot of no-force techniques that are completely backed by science and proven to be effective.

From Calm freeze to the long and short line among many other tools and techniques. Doggy Dan also goes a step further and shows us another way of deterring bad behavior; timeout or isolation.

He is careful to share his technique emphasizing the lack of use of any violence or force when giving your dog a timeout.

Doggy Dan recommends doing it with a clear and calm voice without resorting to hitting or yelling at her.

Puppy Training

Doggy Dan devotes an entire module to teaching you everything you need to know about puppies. He covers the important aspects of taking care of a puppy covering everything from general health, command training, to solving behavior problems.

In 31 videos, plus a couple of pdf downloads and reading resources you’ll be able to house train your puppy and transform her into a fun and obedient fur baby.

If you’re a new dog owner or expecting a fur baby and need to brush up on puppy training, Doggy Dan’s online video dog training program is the best way to do it.

Doggy Dan offers great tips and lessons on puppy training, starting at the very beginning with basic verbal commands and cues. He covers everything from your puppy’s behavioral issues to his/her first exposure to other dogs.

And it gets even better.

Project Moses

Now that you know the basics of puppy health and behavior, it’s time to go through Project Moses. Project Moses is, without a doubt, the best part about Doggy Dan online dog trainer program.

Project Moses is a documentary of sorts of Moses—Doggy Dan’s dog, from when he was 8-weeks old and had just arrived from the shelter until he was about eight months of age.

It must’ve taken a lot of time, dedication and effort to record Moses, and this goes to show you the level of commitment and passion that went into creating Doggy Dan’s online video dog trainer course.

In Project Moses, Doggy Dan covers everything from his first car ride with Moses to documenting common behavioral issues he experienced with Moses.

These include everything from potty training, to going outside, to chewing and biting.

You’ll get front row seats and watch Doggy Dan in action teaching Moses how to walk on a leash, how to swim, how to socialize, and even how to heel.

Project Moses is, without a doubt, one of the best puppy training resources out there for new and experienced puppy owners and trainers.

Dog Problems

While Doggy Dan does a great job of debunking the old dogs can’t learn new trick saying, we know we are set in their ways, and it takes a tad bit longer adjusting their behavior.

However, it’s not impossible, and Doggy Dan demonstrates just that with a variety of age-different dogs.

There is a lot that determines the train-ability of your dog from his age to the history of his former in the case of a rescue.

They may have come from abusive home so it might take them a while to be trusting, luckily, there is hope for them yet.

Doggy Dan’s online dog trainer does a great job of addressing these problems and gives you excellent suggestions and advice in managing them.

He handles everything from pulling on the leash to overexcitement, to socializing with abused dogs.

Advanced Dog Training

The last section in the Doggy Dan online dog trainer program shows you some neat dog training tricks designed to liven up your home when entertaining guests.

He first dissects your dog’s body language to help you decipher what your canine companion is trying to tell you.

You’ll learn to train your dog to bark cue, fetch your slippers, play dead, say goodbye, and much more.

And let’s not forget the VIP member’s only forum where you get access to Doggy Dan and a community of like-minded individuals like yourself looking to train their dogs.

Doggy Dan’s online dog trainer is by far, one of the most comprehensive dog training programs.

There’s a lot of value in this $37 per month course compared to other high-ticket dog training courses that rehash traditional dog training techniques and give you squat.