Ten Best Interactive Dog Toys

Eager to get your canine buddy something that will stimulate them mentally and physically, leaving them entertained for hours?

Let’s check out these ten best interactive dog toys you can consider getting for them.

Out of the 10 dog toys reviewed below, here are our top 4:

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10 Best Interactive Dog Toys

1. OurPets IQ Treat Ball

If your dog is lazy and you’re trying to get it moving, this might be the ball for them. What makes it interactive is that it’s a dispensing ball, an upgrade from the tennis ball that no longer seems to excite them.

How it works is that you, as the dog owner, can put treats or kibble inside the ball.

After you can use it as a throw-ball, and when your pet plays with it, it dispenses food.

What makes it work is that treats motivate dogs, and this is a fantastic way to get them playing and rewarding them at the same time. The material that makes the OurPets IQ treat ball is durable, non-toxic plastic. Cleaning it is also easy; it merely takes twisting, and it’s ready for a wash. Be sure to do this often as you don’t want the food instead to get contaminated and affect your furry buddy.

When making the purchase, you have to consider how big your pet is. It comes in two sizes and colors (orange and blue) to accommodate both small and medium dogs. With regards to playing with it, your dog might have to do quite a bit of figuring out. The ball is expansive enough to accommodate a lot of treats.


2. Zogoflex Tux

This next interactive is also a treat dispensing ball. It is however shaped like an oversized and stuffed fidget spinner. How the toy works is that when your dog chews it, the opening at the bottom loosens, allowing a treat to slip out.

No matter how lazy your dog is, they’ll play with the Zogoflex Tux, running and chewing at it all sorts of ways to try and access a treat.

The good thing about this toy is that you can go outdoors with it. In the park, while you’re having a picnic, you can give it to them to keep themselves entertained.

The materials that make up the two are not made of harmful substances, so your pet is free to chew away. It is also bouncy and floats on water, increasing the number of outdoor activities you can have using the toy.

Cleaning is easy- you can put it in the dishwasher or by hand.


3. Wooly Snuffle Mat

This mat isn’t like the common ones you see. It has long and fibers resembling grass where you can stuff treats randomly for your dog to find.

It is pretty low maintenance and keeps the dog in one spot if that is your aim. The mat also gives them a sense of enjoyment as though they were out hunting, searching for food.

It is also a fantastic training tool if you want to train sniffing breeds. You leave all kinds of things and get them to sniff them out. The Wooly Snuffle mat can also serve as a sleeping area for your dog.

The mat itself is made of soft but durable eco-friendly materials and easy to clean. You can toss it into your washing machine and voila!

Overall you can use the toy as an interactive treat treasure hunt and for them to sharpen their skills for when they go into the wild for a walk. The mat size is perfect for all breeds and sizes.


4. Hide-A-Squirrel Dog Toy

It is instinctual for dogs to run after squirrels, so why not give them a similar experience but indoors? The interactive toy can give them busy and entertained for a long time as they try to get the treats behind squirrels “stuck” in a log-like frame.

Even without the treats, your dog will want to get all the squirrels out of them and merrily squeak them. The good thing about the Hide-A-Squirrel dog toy is that you can also play with the squeaky squirrels plush toys separately as even a tug or throw the toy.

The different components of the toy itself make it something you’d consider getting to keep your canine buddy occupied for hours.

For larger dogs, you want to ensure that you keep an eye on them as they are playing in the even they altogether decide to gnaw and rip the plush toys apart.

Overall, it is durable, and only super tough dogs can do that. For small and medium-sized dogs, the toy is perfect.

Another ideal thing about the toy is that it’s even more enjoyable when you have more than one dog or for when you’re hosting a playdate.

There are four sizes that this interactive toy comes in, small, medium, large, and extra-large. The brand has ensured that all dog sizes get the perfect fit.

The same toy comes with variations; you can also get hedgehogs, birds, or bees. Also note, the larger the toy, the higher the number of smaller toys it has.


5. Mad Scientist for Dogs

This interactive toy by Trixie is composed of tree pivoting containers that are elevated on a stand. It is a puzzle toy where the dog has to flip the individual canisters over so that they can gain access to the treats you’ve put inside for them.

The base of the entire toy is sturdy and made of non-slip material, so your dog isn’t able to tip over the toy quickly. That makes it more fun; otherwise, if they realized they could tip the whole toy over to get treats, it would defeat the purpose of the toy. The plastic construction is also BFA free.

If you want to add another layer of difficulty, you can add a lid. It all depends on how well your dog can navigate the toy.

The toy itself is colorful, guaranteed to attract a curious dog. There are various ways in which dogs can interact with the Mad Scientist set, and they are all listed in the booklet the toy comes with.

Mainly, this it is meant to enhance your dog’s curiosity and develop their problem-solving skills, all for a delicious treat.

You may want to demonstrate how the toy works because the containers need to move to a certain degree and speed to let the treats out.

You don’t want your dog frustrated because this can take even the smart dogs quite a bit of time to figure out.


6. FurryFido Interactive Treat Dispensing Dog Ball

If you feel your dog is getting bored of the typical catch game, then you can consider upgrading to the FurryFido Interactive treat dispensing dog ball.

The fantastic thing about this ball is that it bounces and all your dog needs to do is chew on it to get a treat. That will motivate them to play with it for hours, both physically and mentally stimulating them.

What’s more, you can put kibbles or treats in the ball, and when the dog chews on the ball, they shoot out. It adds an extra level of entertainment as your dog runs for the treat.

It makes for a good chase; for the ball and the treat.

The interactive toy is the name of durable and non-toxic natural rubber. It is, therefore, safe to chew on, and it also massages the gums for healthy teeth.

You might also need to put in larger treats so that they don’t shoot out when the ball bounces.

The company is also confident about the balls they make; if your dog manages to destroy it, you get a replacement for free. The FurryFido Interactive ball has a lifetime guarantee.


7. Zoo Friends Burrow

Similar to the Hide-A-Squirrel dog toy, in this interactive dog toy, they get to spend hours having fun with three adorable brown monkeys in a yellow banana.

The challenge is digging out the monkeys out of the banana home. The monkeys are installed with a high-quality speaker that makes a sound, keeping your dog all the more entertained in the quest.

You want to stimulate your dog by giving them the task to dig out the monkeys.

If you have a medium or small-sized dog, then this is for you. However, if you know your canine is quite the chewer, then this won’t last long in their hands, or jaws for that matter.

Overall, it can withstand the tugging of an average dog. You don’t have to hide treats in the toy though; the zoo friends burrow works well for puppies as they try using either of the two holes to pull out the last monkey.

It is ideal if you’re busy and want to keep your pet entertained.

The other thing about this interactive toy is that it comes with different variations: Meerkat Den, Elephant Cave, Shark and Ship, and Milk and Cookies, only to mention a few.

Once your dog is done, stuff them back in and let the hunt begin, again! The fabric is soft and particularly friendly on small puppies so they can be at it for hours without getting injured.


8. Talking Babble Ball

The talking bubble ball is meant to stimulate a dog’s hearing senses. It has over 20 different sounds and wisecracks. That makes it a toy they will enjoy to toss and run around because the sounds and motion activated.

To keep it going you will need rechargeable batteries, but that takes a while before they need recharging. That’s because the ball turns off, waiting for it to be moved to jolt back to life.

The over 20 noises keep the dog entertained for hours because it’s never the same each time they roll it around. It is intimidating but curious at the same time, and in no time, they will be challenging the talking ball.

What’s fantastic is that you can leave your dog to play with it for hours and they’ll hardly notice you’re gone. Babble Balls has been around for 15 years and has put smiles on millions of dogs because it’s like having a friend who’s always ready to play.

It is also fantastic for pets with poor eyesight or blind. They too, can be entertained.


9. iFetch Interactive Dog Ball Launcher

Fetch is a favorite game for dogs, but what about the kind of fetch where they have to play a part in throwing the ball? The iFetch Interactive Dog Ball Launcher does just that.

You might have to coach your dog a bit on how to get the ball into the shoot, but once they have, they can play fetch all by themselves.

Having to wait of the ball to shoot out also adds a layer of anticipation in them that you can tell does get them excited.

The toy comes with three tennis balls, and the launcher can be adjusted to 10, 20, and 30 feet throw, depending on the size of the room or compound.

It is ideal for small and medium-sized breeds. They don’t have to feel alone while you are away and can play their favorite game of fetch alone as they wait for you to join in on the fun later.


10. Wobble Wag Giggle Ball

This ball by Allstar Innovation is quite the upgrade from your typical squeaky ball. Not everyone likes squeaky noises over some time, dogs included, but the wobble wag giggle ball produces funny sounds that will keep your dog amused for hours, and you won’t mind at all.

The other good thing about the ball is that it is not battery powered; it has three inner tubes where when pressure is applied, they make funny sounds similar to giggles.

The ball has an ergonomic design and six holes so dogs of all sizes can pick it up with their teeth. The material is also durable, so you don’t have to fear about perforations when your dog bites into it.

It is made of toxin and chemical free materials, that is, phthalate-free vinyl so you don’t have to worry about your dog’s health safety.

The shape is also irregular and has bright colors, making it all the more fascinating.